Welcome to Interfi Systems and the Capital platform

Interfi Systems is a privately held company established in 2011 to fill a noticeable gap in the financial services market. Since launching the Capital platform in mid-2012, Interfi has rapidly grown to be responsible for billions of dollars of funds under management.

With multiple portfolio transitions successfully completed, Interfi Systems have demonstrated expertise in providing timely, accurate, reliable and repeatable data conversions from multiple disparate systems, including everything from proprietary legacy mainframes through to more modern systems.

Capital, a truly next-generation financial services platform

Capital is a completely integrated suite of applications built to help you navigate your way from the complexities of today, to the unknowns of the future.

Recognising that the marketplace was full of antiquated solutions built using old architectures and methodologies that had simply been pasted over the top of newer platforms, Interfi set out with a clean-slate approach. The result of this effort is the Capital Financial Services Platform.

Built from the ground up on Microsoft’s platform agnostic web-scale architecture, Capital is a showcase of the best of today’s technologies with an eye set firmly on the future. This approach has allowed Interfi to remain responsive to changes in the industry, while ensuring the security and integrity of the system.