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Capital financial servicing platform

Truly next-generation, end-to-end core banking platform.

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Open and flexible financial service platform

Built for lending, investments and deposits

Secure Secure

The Capital financial services platform has security built-in from the start, following industry best practises, and is audited to ensure it’s safe for today’s threat environment.

Reliable Reliable

Fully transactional and fault-tolerant, Interfi System’s Capital will continue to provide accurate and consistent service under the toughest loads so your business can be always on.

Scalable Scalable

Built on Microsoft’s .NET technology using cutting-edge architecture and design, Capital can scale effortlessly as your business demands from a single-server to a distributed server farm.

Lending, leasing, deposits and investments in the box.
Endless product configuration options. Lending, leasing, deposits and investments in the box.

Capital is built to be able to provide all the products you want today including lending, leasing, deposits and investments. Not only that, Capital is endlessly configurable so that you will be able to provide for the products you haven’t thought of yet.

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Future proof open and flexible modern architecture. Delivering the right information, no matter how or where you want it.

Capital has been designed from the ground up to integrate with the widest range of systems. Using modern web-scale architectural principles, it’s painless to join Capital to your existing systems while maintaining security and control.

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Delivering the right information, no matter how or where you want it.
Forward thinking software solutions

When opportunity knocks, don’t be let down by outmoded thinking

About Us

Interfi Systems provides cutting edge software for the financial services industry. The Capital platform features next-generation technology to provide you a future-proof application for delivering any type of product you can conceive.

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